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Core Business

Select, Secure and Add value the best of Nature with our technological and scientific know-how.

Diana Food provides high added value natural ingredients to its customers in the agri-food industry around the world.

From a natural range of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood products processed into concentrates, powders, flakes and pieces, Diana Food offers solutions with both sensorial (taste, colour, texture and visual impact) and nutritional benefits (Health& Nutrition, food preservation).

With a unique position in its markets, Diana Food bases its business on a deep biosciences expertise, reinforced by a multi-stream mastery from  vegetables to meat and seafood raw materials, all to ensure food safety and traceability.

Wellbeing by nature

Key figures

  • 1300 employees
  • 11 production plants
  • 15 sales offices
  • 9 knowledge centres for Research & Development around the world including a Biosciences centre for excellence in France (550m² of laboratories and 450m² pilot hall)