Enjoy the culinary notes

Diana Food offers taste solutions from real vegetable, fruit, meat & seafood, wines and vinegars for all your sweet or savoury recipes.


Authentic culinary notes to tickle your taste buds


  • From single to complex chef notes through kitchen like technics, many taste profiles are created for all your sweet or savoury recipes: blanched, boiled, roasted, compote, acidulous, fruity…


  • Culinary’TouchTM combines our core raw materials, culinary technics and our chef’s most recent exploration to deliver great taste profiles in Savoury applications. These natural solutions deliver taste intensity and taste authenticity referring to «home-cooking» style.


Focus on Culinary'TouchTM

Culinary’TouchTM offers a complete palette of savoury profiles. This collection is organized in three categories of culinary tastes:

  • Delicately cooked notes (referring to a controlled cooking preserving taste authenticity and freshness): chicken broth, delicately cooked carrot...
  • Culinary accents: such as Sautéed, Roasted, fried, candied…
  • Culinary preparations from the most «classical» with Mirepoix, Soffritto, Forestiere or to the most “exotic” like“Wok style”...

A wide taste collection for unique recipes and endless creation directions.


Culinary picture



Focus on NtasteTM


NtasteTM is a new clean label and multifunctional offer to boost taste, naturally. Meeting the growing product trends as «Clean Label», «Great Taste» and «Better for you», NtasteTM solutions boost the overall taste intensity of product, with a «vegetable extract» labelling.

Without changing the original taste profile or colour of final applications, these “Clean Label” solutions also help to develop Umami perception and to improve taste in a salt reduced recipe. Not made from yeast and non GMO, the NtasteTM offer brings natural roundness, fullness and complexity.

The NtasteTM range is dedicated to the global savoury market. Ideal for both wet and dry applications, such as: sauces, stocks, soups, ready-meals...


Scientific and technical expertise

Diana True'taste expertise

Mastering multiple streams and a wide range of technologies, Diana Food offers truly effective and convenient natural solutions. Owing its agronomical, scientific and culinary expertise, Diana Food meets customer specific needs.   

All our range is based on sustainable sources of foodstuffs. Diana Food guarantees the highest standards and quality of its raw materials from around the world, supported by full traceability from upstream suppliers to customer delivery.


Diana True'taste applications

Our solutions can be incorporated in many applications:

  • Soups, sauces, bouillons, ready meals
  • Processed meat
  • Butters, seasonings and Ready-to-Use Sauces
  • Beverage
  • Bakery and cereals
  • Confectionery and chocolates
  • Dairy and ice cream
  • Baby-Food...



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