Organic, natural & clean label food protection solutions for the US market

Consumers love the taste and convenience of processed and cured meats, but also want food products that are organic, natural and feature recognizable ingredients. Organic products are now mainstream, sold in nearly 75% of US grocery stores with wide acceptance among consumers.

Diana Food brings trust and transparency to food protection and preservation, offering a range of natural ingredients that are made from high quality and traceable raw materials. We provide our customers with processing expertise for all of their natural meat curing needs, featuring our organic and conventional cultured vegetable and acerola products.

9 reasons why to choose our Food Protection solutions

• Full traceability from seed to powder
• Vertical integrated sourcing strategy
• Sustainably sourced close to our factories in Chile and Europe
• Innovative agronomy practices allows us to offer the first organic celery on the market
• Reliable supply chain with stocks & safety stock in the US to ensure no shortage
• 10 years of experience in nitrate standardization
• Acerola powder standardized to 34% vitamin C with no carrier
• Cost-in-use optimization with the industry highest concentrations available of celery and acerola powders 
• Complete natural curing solution, a real alternative to sodium nitrite and sodium ascorbate

Harvesting Celery in field

Discover the first Organic Cultured Celery Powder on the US market

Diana Food offers you the chance to become the first organic meat producer in the US using nitrites from organic natural sources and answer the rising demand for organic foods. 

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your recipe.

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