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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) made from natural sources represent a significant opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry. Many consumers believe that the best way to address therapeutic conditions is with materials that were created by nature, rather than in a lab.

Our new line of APIs from berries has been designed to bring innovation from the traditional herbal medicines market in Europe. Supported by 3.2.S dossiers, our all natural APIs offer health claims that differentiate them from dietary supplements and are produced in a dedicated cGMP facility. All our APIs are backed by regulatory support, analytical support, monographs, stability studies, literature review, and trusted sourcing of raw materials.

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Cranberry fruit extract

Our range of coloring foods provides our customers with the cleanest color labeling possible. Meeting your shade requirements is only half the battle in becoming your color supplier of choice when it comes to colors harvested from mother nature.
• Vaccinium macrocarpon aiton
• 18.5% proanthocyanidins by BL-DMAC
• Traditionally used for the prevention of urinary tract infections
• Sourced and manufactured in Canada, in our dedicated GMP-compliant facility

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Our technical team includes scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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