Diana Food hibiscus extracts is a clean labelling solution to colour your applications with an intense and bright red shade.

Hibiscus in a nutshell

Hibiscus is traditionally consumed in Africa, Asia and South America in beverages. Infused and sugared, sometimes spiced, it has many names, such as “Bissap” in Senegal, “Zobo” in Nigeria and “Agua de Jamaica” in Mexico. Trendy and nutritious, we find more and more hibiscus in products today, and social media is alive with recipes for “cool” hibiscus drinks. AT time if writing, there are over 1.6M posts on Instagram tagged #hibiscus.

Hibiscus extract’s heat resistance makes the liquid form very stable in candy applications, and its powder form will fit perfectly in instant beverages. In both cases, it offers an intense and bright red shade without turbidity and the declaration looks appealing to consumers.

It has a guaranteed, high anthocyanin content which enables low dosages into applications. Therefore, this solution is price-effective and offers an interesting cost in use.

A secured and responsible sourcing

Hibiscus flowers are traditionally cultivated in African countries, and Diana is sourcing this raw material thanks to a reliable supplier with a strong local network. Socially committed, it carries out a program focused on social improvements such as access to water or education for local communities. Moreover, this responsible chain allows by-product valorization: hibiscus flowers are harvested manually, and whole calyces are saved for local trade whereas residual powders after sifing are used as coloring ingredients.

A gentle infusion process

Our hibiscus extracts are produced via a gentle infusion process in one of our French plants. Raw material undergoes a thorough quality control before being infused in cold water to preserve pigments. It is then filtered several times to obtain a clear product. To maintain a clean labeling, no additives or preservatives are added.

With its technical properties and wide consumer popularity, Diana hibiscus extracts are perfect for you next generation products