Diana Food safflower extracts are the ideal products for every beverages applications.

Excellent stability in your beverage application

Diana’s safflower extracts are the ideal product for every beverages application. In liquid form they will fit perfectly into carbonated soft drinks, juice drink, milk drinks or flavored water solutions. The powder form, however will be a good match for any powder soft drink.

They are standardized in pigments content and give a bright yellow shade and clear aspect, while ensuring excellent stability overtime. Their composition prevents any precipitation or color fading from happening in the final product.

A smooth and integrated process

Flowers are carefully selected and go through a strict quality check before the raw material can be approved.  For more than 15 years, the flowers have been processed in one of our French production site, located in Cossé-le-Vivien (Mayenne).

Thanks to a slow in-house infusion process, the pigments can then be released from flowers and express the best of their color properties.

Clean label benefits for consumer acceptance

Consumer acceptance is key for colors. Processed without selective extraction, our safflower extracts meet the requirements to be “Coloring Foods”. Therefore, they are not labeled as food colors but as ingredients from fruit, vegetable or plant source. They allow a clean label which is understandable by the consumer such as “Safflower Extract Concentrate” for example.