Because at Diana Food we listen to consumers, we have developed natural and clean label products, through an innovative solution that renders the original taste of natural vegetables. This innovation was made possible thanks to the perfect union of our know-hows: agronomy, sustainable sourcing, cutting-edge technology and expertise in the application of our ingredients to clients’ final products. We offer then a complete culinary experience, combining authenticity and intensity.

Key Facts

100% clean label

Sustainable sourcing

Farm fresh

All natural

The best at each stage for a complete taste experience

Runner-Up of the Sustainable Ingredient Award 2019

Diana Food was proud to receive the runner-up prize of the 2019 Sustainable Ingredients Award for its Authentic and Intense carrot juice powder. This award recognizes our expertize in agronomy allowing to locally source the best varieties of vegetables to optimize the taste profile of its end solutions. It also rewards our state-of-the-art technology enabling to deliver a high performing taste solutions using less raw material. The organizer underlined the environmental impact of this ingredient based on a solid Carbon footprint evaluation.

The voice of our experts

Jean-Christophe Chevalier

Global Category Director - Savory

“Today, authenticity is the Holy Grail in the food industry. It comes from a deep demand from consumers for true and intense tastes, made from simple and natural ingredients”

Sébastien Langlais

Science Platform Leader - Taste

“People want to understand what they eat. No need of chemicals when nature provides a large range of raw materials. They want to bring more food back into food! By offering products made from a short list of familiar and natural ingredients, industrials may get the chance to gain what is the most valuable nowadays: consumers’ trust.”

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