Women have different needs from men when it comes to health. And because we, at Diana Food, care for everyone, we have developed natural health solutions, specifically designed to support women’s well-being, based on a selected range of fruits and vegetables such as cranberry, acerola, apple or broccoli.

Our expert insights of Women’s needs all around the world

Change of Life-style and Health Habits.

  • Since their emancipation, women, as men, are more and more aware of their health and attentive to their well-being. Thanks to a growing awareness and diffusion of health and nutritional information specifically addressed to them, 71% of women under the age of 30 take health supplements or vitamins at least once a month. Thus, the market of dietary supplements formulated specifically for women is exploding. Exposed to osteoporosis, urinal diseases, hormonal disorders or anemia, women also care about weight management, as well as hair and skin beauty.

Beauty from Within

  • As, for a long time, the beauty standard for women was youth and thinness, there is, fortunately, a growing trend to accept ourselves as we are and find our inner beauty. While diet foods are stagnating, the new generation of weight management solutions including natural and nutritious food products and supplements are safer and backed up by sound science. In Asia, women particularly take care of their skin and the market for dietary supplements targeting skin beauty is expanding fast, as well as everywhere else, as new solutions arise for sun protection, hydration and prevention of age related damages.

Clean label

  • As part of their increasing focus on health, women pay close attention to food and dietary supplements labels. They are more likely than men to look for products with limited or no artificial ingredients including natural or organic products as a key part of their family healthy life-style.

* Source: Euromonitor International, 2015

Well-being by nature at the heart of our mission


Diana Food provides a range of Standardized Natural Actives Supporting Women in their Daily Lives.


Functional Food & Drinks Targeting Women: Healthy Pleasure from Natural Fruit, Vegetable and Meat Ingredients.


Because our natural and effective health solutions come from carefully selected raw materials, our team of agronomists works closely with seed producers, farmers, and researchers around the world to bring you the best that nature has to offer

  • A unique natural High A-Type Proanthocyanidins cranberry extracts,

  • Clinically proven to promote a healthy urinary tract.

  • In vitro, ex vivo and clinical studies

  • Local sourcing

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  • A natural broccoli extract
  • Standardization in glucoraphanin
  • Increase the detoxifying function of the liver
  • In vitro studies
  • Non-GMO

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Along our health solutions, discover our other products that naturally boost pleasure in your recipes.

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