Because we use every part of the chicken in our processing, we are helping to minimise the negative environmental impact of food waste. And because we rely on local raw material sourcing, we are limiting our impact on the environment. We're also striving to minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Having a close relationship with upstream partners: farmers and slaughterhouses allow us to guarantee respect of farming practices with full traceability. We can guarantee French origin labelling.

We have secured trustable organic poultry stream and our French meat facility is Ecocert certified. Organic poultry are kept at low densities (21kg/sq. lt vs standard 42kg/sq) and have access to outdoor space. As per the organic regulations, poultry is slow grown bred and raised during 81 days. Research suggests that chicken raised organically improves the taste performance.

All of our chicken products are made of 100% chicken, no carrier, no MSG and no yeast extracts. We understand trends and can help your brands stay aligned with consumer preferences.

We are fully committed to animal welfare. We source cage-free hens. As per the animal welfare guidelines, poultry is slow grown bred, with low livestock density (25kg/sq. lt vs standard 42kg/sq) and raised during 56 days.

TASTE - Our Chicken Solutions

Taste profiles

  • Umami
  • Boiled
  • Chicken Meaty
  • Fatty
  • Roasted
  • Chicken Skin
Chicken Broth

Our ambient-stable chicken broth features a wide palette of high intensity taste profiles: white meat, roasted, fatty, etc. Choose from liquid and powder broth. 

Chicken Powder

Made from locally-sourced chicken, our chicken powder is 100% pure, with no additives or carriers and a high fat content that provides a pleasant mouthfeel.

Purified Chicken Fat

Our purified chicken fat comes from the meat cooking step of our manufacturing process. It’s a premium ingredient produced to the highest standards, with no artificial preservatives. These rich, clean, fatty notes are the ideal way to enhance the taste of all your sauces and soups.

Chicken Pieces

Our chicken pieces add visual appeal, impact and taste to dehydrated meals such as soups, instant noodles and rice mixes. They feature size consistency, homogeneous texture and instant rehydration.


Soups and broths

Sauces, marinades and gravies

Processed Meats

Ready Meals

Seasoning and flavours

Why you should choose our chicken solutions

Chicken Broth
  • Intense umami & meaty taste profiles, from boiled to roasted
  • Building taste base note for any recipe
  • Rich in proteins products, up to 90%
  • Clean label solutions
  • Liquid and powder formats, Clear or cloudy in water
  • Tailor made solutions possible: EU Organic certification & animal welfare available
  • French origin guaranteed possible 
  • Halal certifications available
  • 95/5 compliant 
  • Competitive cost in use
Chicken Fat
  • Intense roasted chicken note
  • No fried off note
  • Richness or culinary touch
  • Synergic effect when combined with chicken broth
  • High quality: Very low water content, no insoluble particle
  • Convenient: Pumpable from 25 -30°C, Ambient storage
  • Halal certifications available
Chicken Powder
  • Meat declaration & MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat) 
  • Tailor-made formulations (fat content, salt %, antioxidant, vegetables)
  • Up to 65% of protein on dry matter
  • Poultry Taste and real meat appearance 
  • Synergic effect when combined with chicken broth
  • Tailor made solutions: EU Organic certification & animal welfare available
  • French origin guaranteed possible 
  • Halal certifications available
  • Competitive cost in use
Chicken Pieces
  • Real meat pieces
  • Different shapes: hand-cut shape pieces, balls, cubes, slices, pulled chicken
  • Authentic chicken taste
  • Instant rehydration
  • When hydrated: Consistent, moist and soft texture, keeps its shape
  • Up to 65% of protein on dry matter
  • Convenient: Long shelf life, ambient storage