Today, conscious consumers care not only about what they eat, but also about how it is produced. They want to make responsible choices without compromising on taste. At Diana Food, we address these consumer demands with our natural tasty chicken broths you can trust. Over the last 40 years, we have built strong relationships with upstream partners to guarantee respect of farming practices with full traceability.

Our new range of natural chicken broths brings an intense umami and meaty taste to any recipes. With a wide range of taste profiles, our broths are the ideal taste base notes for any applications: from soups, sauces, ready meals, fonds, processed meat to snacks seasoning. They even make a great building block for natural chicken flavours. 

Taste and Trust 

11 reasons to choose our natural chicken broths: 

• Intense umami & meaty taste profiles, from boiled to roasted
 Building taste base note for any recipe
 Rich in protein products, up to 90%
 Clean label solutions
 Clear or cloudy in water
 Liquid and powder formats
 Tailor made solutions possible: EU Organic certificationAnimal welfare available
 French origin guaranteed possible 
 Halal certifications available
 Compliant with 95/5 
 Competitive cost in use

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