A full range of solutions for 4 key market segments

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Key facts

A strict varietal selection

An infinite collection of colors and shades

Fruit & vegetable recognition

Natural and clean label solutions

A regulatory support


We use the most valuable products from Nature to bring consumers healthy nutritional solutions. Our range of fruit and vegetables additives insure our clients their recipes’ equivalences, content and health claims, supporting consumers’ quest for living a long and healthy life without compromising with pleasure.


Bringing pleasure is one of our key mission. Our solutions bring visual, colorful and flavorful emotions to consumers through a unique and natural range of fruits, vegetables and other plants.


With more than 30 years of experience in the Sweet and Beverages industry, Diana Food has gained a unique expertise in growing and selecting natural products. Our team of agronomists works closely with seed producers and farmers worldwide to insure a complete control of the value chain and to develop the best solutions, starting from the seed. Our raw materials are processed worldwide, where conditions are the most relevant and optimized to obtain only the best products.. Thus, every day, our R&D experts develop custom-made solutions for Sweet and Beverages matrices, to offer high-performing solutions with a fair and clean labeling.