Only the best for your health

We all are more and more aware about our health and how our habits of consumption can influence it. That is why we tend to prefer preservative-free beverages and foods and minimally processed products. Also, we are more careful when it comes to choose food labels and ingredients’ contents, consciously tracking down additive-free food or labels stating the naturalness of their ingredients.

Backward integration is our strength at Diana’s Food, and you can trust us to make it your competitive advantage:

  • By securing all the supply chain,

  • Insuring full traceability of every raw material,

  • Controlling the entire value chain,

  • Screening for original varieties to develop unique strains,

  • Selecting the most sustainable partners and producers,

  • And integrating a unique program to assess and guarantee farmers’ best practices in our processes

This how we became world leader in coloring foods and a globally renowned expert in natural products. Our coverage of existing colors is extended for beverages, sweets and ready meals including red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, and brown shades, available in liquid or powder form.

CleanColorsTM, only the best range of coloring foods

Over the last decade, as natural colors were exploding, Coloring Foods, a clean alternative for color, has conquered the market. Because it is made from vegetable extracts and fruit juices, Coloring Foods is a very simple to understand and clean coloring source, giving the most natural image to the finished product.With Clean Colors, we, at Diana Food, propose an extended range of high-performance Coloring Foods for natural and tailor-made solutions, based on our great expertise in agronomy and processing skills. Clean Colors meet the EU guidance notes while answering the fast-growing demand for clean label solutions and transparent ingredients.

Why our coloring foods are the best for you?

  • Thanks to backward integration, we provide only the best raw materials in order to obtain the best quality pigments
  • From our gently process, you’ll get no alcoholic extraction, No chemical complexation or denaturation and No selective extraction.
  • With a clean label, you ensure that your product contains No E-number color, no-GMO.
  • We think of everyone and respect all traditions and beliefs and provide solutions meeting Halal and Kosher requirements.

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Carmine is not the only natural source of red!

Because the use of cochineal carmine is becoming a growing global issue, Diana Food offers a natural alternative. Extracted from a tiny insect mainly grown in Latin America for its powerful ability to color food in red, carmine can provoke serious allergies or be refused by vegan. There is a global pressure to remove cochineal carmine from food and beverages. In response to this, Diana Food has developed a range of specific coloring solutions based on pigments from natural raw materials.

    Key features:

  • Clean labeling
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Traceability
  • Validated stability

Only the best from nature

Our team of agronomists works closely with seed developers and farmers to select the best of Nature. Hand in hand with the Research & Development teams, they ensure the best screening on varietal selection. Our raw material suppliers are conscientiously evaluated through the whole process to guarantee the best know-how. This sourcing control, combined with our scientific expertise of understanding coloring mechanisms and performance measurements using spectrophotometer, UPLC, spectrocolorimeter, sensory evaluation is how we consolidate our market-leading product performance. 

Want to go further?

Diana Food can also provide additional solutions to naturally boost pleasure and health in your recipe.

A wide range of shapes, sizes and colors allows you to create an attractive visual impact and various textures in your recipes.


Give different and unique culinary profiles to your products with our wide range of taste nuances. From real vegetables and fruit, meat and seafood or wine and vinegars you can improve the taste of all your recipes.


A healthy range of fruits, superfruits and vegetables for different nutritional needs and claims: fruit & vegetable equivalences, guaranteed level of actives in natural extracts and foodstuff and sensorial and health benefits enhancement.


Diana Food offers a high-performance range of solutions to preserve and extend the shelf life expectancy of your products in a natural way.