The best varieties for the highest concentration of color pigment

30 years ago, Diana Food began working in proximity with qualified farmers to select and develop species of fruits and vegetables that are rich in pigments.

Thanks to our in-house team of agronomy experts, we have been screening different varieties year after year to determine how they perform according to terroir, pedoclimatic conditions and time of harvesting. This expertise – supported by crop contracts to guarantee consistency – allows us to identify the best performing seeds. Our process ensures that we attain the highest pigment concentration for a maximized cost-in-use, while also allowing us to develop different color shades depending on growing conditions.

We work hand in hand with producers and create a safe space for exchange, proximity and support. Developing a range or colors is complex and take years in the making and it is only made possible thanks to team effort. Laurette Gratteau, Agronomy Expert

Creating natural colors and coloring foods


• Selecting the best varieties to reach the highest pigment concentration for optimized cost-in-use
• Varietal screening through historical partnerships with seed developers
• Genetic programs to maximize plant potential - Guaranteed non-GMO
• Ownership for specific varieties



• A unique, long-term partnering between farmers and our agronomy team to deliver sustainable performance
• A global network of in-house agronomy experts who work in constant proximity with farmers to foster the best sustainable agricultural practices 
• Unique know-how in agronomy to maximize varieties potential according to terroir and pedoclimatic conditions to deliver yield improvement and high pigment concentration 
• 30+ years of partnership through long-term crop contracts with most of our farmers ensures a sustainable supply-chain


Backward integration for a robust supply chain

• Long-term partnerships and crop contracts with farmers
• Continuous improvements of varieties and agricultural practices to improve yields
• Diverse regions of cultivation to face climate challenges
• Robust industrial footprint close to raw material suppliers around the world
• Optimized inventories of raw materials to deliver years on years stable qualities and quantities


We support you throughout your product development process

hand pouring purple powder for formulation


  • Full spectrum of shades
  • Tailor-made custom formulations 
  • Problem solving solutions
  • Variety of formats  and packaging options



R&D technician doing stability tests

Stability tests

  • Accelerated and real-time stability testing
  • Shade and strength change measurement
  • Comparison of colorant and/or impact of packaging


plate filled with colorful muffins


  • Industrial process replication
  • Performance testing in custom matrices
  • Expansive practical application experience


couple looking at a jar label

Regulatory & Quality support

  • Complete quality documentation available 
  • Range of certifications immediately available (kosher, halal, organic, etc.)
  • Regulatory support from product ideation to finished product
  • Labelling assistance to meet local regulatory requirements


Organic options for today’s discerning consumers

Offering products that are natural is a key differentiator in the eyes of consumers, but offering organic colors take it a step further. Our legacy of leadership in agronomy and our processing skills have made it possible for us to create a palette of vibrant organic colors for the US and EU markets that consumers will crave.

Discover the organic colors range

Top view of various and colorful powders and concentrate

A full range of colors


Diana Food is the partner you look for when you are challenged to find a beautiful, cost-effective color solution. We can offer a full range of natural colors from red shades to blue or green shades. 



Discover our range of colors