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In today’s food marketplace, there are undeniable forces at work among consumers. They demand products that are natural, authentic and feature clean labels. And perhaps most importantly, they want to replicate the emotional and sensorial experiences associated with home cooking regardless of where, when and how the consumption is taking place.

At Diana Food, we know that the road to culinary authenticity and excellence is clear: robust know-how in sustainable sourcing, expertise in agronomy, gentle and kitchen-like processing, deep and high-performing product streams, and strong support in applications, regulatory and quality. When all those are achieved, the result is the Holy Grail of the food industry: intense, fresh, authentic tastes made from natural, simple ingredients in kitchen-like processes.

Watch our 8 Tasty Culinary Recipe Videos

Tom Yum Gai Recipe
Culinary Creations - Tom Yum Gai
Mafé Chicken recipe
Culinary Creations - Mafé (Senegaleese Chicken Stew)
Sazón Latino recipe
Culinary Creations - Sazón Latino
Garlic, mushroom tofu with sweet potato hazelnut quinoa
Culinary Creations - Garlic, Mushroom Tofu with Sweet Potato Hazelnut Quinoa

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Why choosing our natural culinary solutions

• +20 years of expertise in varietal selection and sustainable agriculture
• Industrial scale vessels allow for reproducing kitchen techniques
• Authentic, chef-inspired taste profiles delivering
• Clean and clear label ingredients offering real food declaration
• High performing ingredients offering cost-in-use competitiveness and cost savings from time-consuming cooking steps
• In-house chefs and sensory expertise to deliver the targeted performance in your application

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