Our innovation is inspired by nature and delivered by science. Nature is always inspiring more at Symrise

Looking for natural ingredients, clean label solutions, extended shelf life without preservatives, new health and nutritional actives or compounds issued from fruit, vegetables or other natural raw materials… These are some of continuous requirements that Diana Food innovation organization is facing on a day-to-day basis.

With a team composed of about 50 dedicated scientists, PhD’s and technology experts across the globe, Diana Food Research, Technology and Development organization complement Symrise innovation capabilities composed of about 40 application centers worldwide and hundreds of additional experts specialized in Flavor, Nutrition, Health, Pet food or Fragrances for Home and Personal care. Very recently, Symrise Scent and Care activity incorporated captives made from vegetables into Fine Fragrances.

Innovation at Diana Food is organized across six specific domains

  • Fruit based ingredients & actives for baby food, nutrition, health, bakery, organic and food preservation
  • Banana based ingredients for baby food, bakery, nutrition and organic applications
  • Vegetable based ingredients for culinary taste, food preservation, nutrition, health, baby food and organic applications
  • Chicken and Meat ingredients for culinary taste, nutrition and health
  • R&T for technology innovation, process optimization and plant piloting. R&T at Diana Food constantly opens new growth avenues for Symrise and its customers, cross fertilizing technologies of Symrise Nutrition and Symrise Flavors in particular 

Diana Food benefits from a unique portfolio of products, gentle technologies, processes, and functionalities. We support our innovation by science (up to clinical trials sometimes), analytical and application expertise. Moreover, the company masters its raw material sourcing, agronomy, sustainability and quality.  Diana Food owns unique expertise in Agriculture and Crop management. Our experts partner with farmers to obtain the best from nature in a sustainable and heavily controlled manner.

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