Since the 1980s, Diana Food has been committed to providing high quality, high intensity, authentic chicken ingredients that can naturally enhance your soups, sauces and ready meals while prioritizing animal welfare.

Using valuable side streams, we locally source our chicken and utilize 100% of the chicken to minimize waste across the entire value chain through backward integration. Our heritage facility in Berric, France has developed an historical know-how in developing high-value chicken-based taste solutions for the food industry.

Chicken culinary ingredients

Chicken Broth

Our additive-free, ambient-stable chicken broth features a wide palette of high intensity taste profiles. Choose from liquid and powder broth or custom culinary solutions made possible by the synergies between our vegetable & meat portfolios.

Chicken Powder

Made from locally-sourced chicken, our chicken powder is 100% pure, with no additives or carriers and a high fat content that provides an agreeable mouthfeel.

Purified Chicken Fat

Our purified chicken fat comes from the meat cooking step of our manufacturing process. It’s a premium ingredient produced to the highest standards, with no artificial preservatives. These rich, clean, fatty notes are the ideal way to enhance the taste of all your sauces and soups.

Chicken Pieces

Our chicken pieces add visual appeal, impact and taste to dehydrated meals such as soups, instant noodles and rice mixes. They feature size consistency, homogeneous texture and instant rehydration.


Soups and broths

Sauces, marinades and gravies

Processed Meats

Prepared Meals

Seasoning Blends

Key product benefits
  • Intense umami & meaty taste profiles
  • Tailor-made and customizable solutions
  • Sustainable chicken streams
  • Consistent quality
  • Pumpable liquid solution
  • Competitive cost in use
Taste profiles
  • Meaty
  • Umami
  • Fatty
  • Roasted
  • Intense
  • Boiled
  • Fresh

A fully sustainable chicken stream

As a company built on the concept of providing natural materials, a commitment to the environment is at the core of our very being. Because we use every part of the chicken in our processing, we are helping to minimize the negative environmental impact of food waste. And because we rely on local raw material sourcing, we are limiting our impact on the environment. We're also striving to minimize our carbon footprint wherever possible.

Diana Food has built a premium local sourcing stream comprised of a network of sustainable farmers and slaughterhouses. Our birds are organic and completely free from antibiotics. We benefit from a secured supply that is fully traceable.

We are fully committed to animal welfare. Birds are housed in open space buildings with natural lighting, low density and no cages or multi-tier systems. Enrichment is designed to simulate natural feeding. By 2026, 100% of the poultry in our EMEA supply chain will be sourced from farmers with a strong animal welfare policy.

All of our chicken products are made of 100% chicken, with no salt added, no MSG and no yeast extracts. We understand trends and can help your brands stay aligned with consumer preferences.

From production facilities on two continents – our heritage site in Berric, France and our new, state of the art plant in Commerce, Georgia – Diana Food has the ability to supply innovative, high impact chicken solutions to customers anywhere in the world.

Our chicken products are made using gentle processes designed to mimic those used in the kitchen. Our goal is to provide our customers with ingredients that are simple and as close to nature as possible, regardless of their format.

Everything we produce is made to the highest possible standards. Our chicken products are carb-free, allergen-free and FSSC 22000 certified.