It all starts in Ecuador, the largest exporting country of bananas in the world. Known for its excellent soil quality and tropical climate, Ecuador is ideal for growing bananas requiring far less pesticides and fertilisers compared to other producers in the world. 

With a long-time experience of more than 45 years, Diana Food has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of banana ingredients such as banana powder, flakes, pieces (crunchies) and puree. These products are found around the world in bakery, sweet & beverage and baby food markets.

Bananas, as source of fiber, vitamin A, C + B6, are perceived as an healthy fruit that brings nutrients and energy. Banana powder can be used as a healthier replacement for common industrial sweeteners with much more additional nutrients and natural energy.

Our range of clean label banana solutions

Boosting taste and mouthfeel of your various applications

Cakes & bakery dough

Cereal bars and fruit bars

Dry mixes and instant drinks

Smoothies and fruit purees

Growing and producing 100% natural banana solutions sustainably in Ecuador

Our banana is a stream of excellence in terms of sustainability from sourcing practices to industrial processes including our involvement with local communities.

        11 reasons to choose our clean label banana solutions: 

  •           Local and responsible sourcing in Ecuador
  •           Pleasant banana organoleptic profile
  •           High fruit content
  •           Natural sweet taste
  •           Healthy fruit
  •           Full traceability guaranteed
  •           Organic and conventional grades available
  •           Large variety of formats
  •           Best value for qualitative banana
  •           High standards quality and 100% food safe
  •           Quantities available right now

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