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When quality and taste meet animal well-being

Striving to create a circular economy within the chicken industry since the 1950s, Diana Food is more committed than ever to providing high-quality, high-intensity, authentic chicken ingredients that prioritize animal welfare.

Using the valuable side streams, we locally source our chicken and transform it at our dedicated site in Georgia to naturally enhance your soups, sauces and ready meals. We revalorize 100% of the chicken to minimize waste across the entire value chain through backward integration.


Thomas Couepel

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Thomas Couëpel

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Natural taste solutions tailored to your applications

With no additives, our chicken broth features a wide palette of culinary, high-intensity taste profiles. You can choose between our powder and liquid broth, which comes in our top-selling 32° brix and a more intense 55° brix format with strong umami notes. We also offer complete, tailored solutions combining our broth and vegetable streams.

Chicken Broth
Cooked chicken powder


Pure protein content with no additional additives or carriers

Made from locally-sourced chicken, our chicken powder is 100% pure. There are no additional additives or carriers. Our chicken powder is therefore an ideal way to add natural protein to your products. High fat content provides an agreeable mouthfeel and complex notes to make your products more delicious.


Premium quality

At Diana Food, our purified chicken fat is not recuperated or a by-product. It is a premium ingredient that we produce to the highest standards. Quality is monitored at every step to ensure the texture and taste are consistent with no artificial preservatives. These rich, clean, fatty notes are the ideal way to enhance all your sauces and soups.

Purified chicken fat

What can you use our chicken products for?

  • Soups, broths
    & bouillons
  • Sauce
    & marinades
  • Seasonings
  • Processed meat
  • Ready meal


In the heart of the US chicken belt, our dedicated poultry site is ideally placed to source locally and transparently to cater for local, national and international customers across a wide array of applications. Reinforcing our European production capabilities, the brand-new Banks site draws on years of sector experience and ongoing R&D.

  • Continuous cooking
  • backward integration
  • high concentration unit
  • aseptic packaging line
Thomas Couepel

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Thomas Couëpel

“After many years developing our meat & seafood business in Europe, I moved to the US to become the Customer Business Development Manager for our new site. I work closely with our R&D teams, site and customers. Heavily involved in building the new range, explaining the value proposition and managing key projects, I would be delighted to help you drive all your projects.”