At a time when everyone wants to boost their immunity, Diana Food provides a complete range of natural active ingredients from fruits standardised in vitamin C. Acerola is a recognised superfruit offering the world's best natural source of vitamin C content. This unique Brazilian cherry contributes to several health benefits.


Thanks to our 15 years of agronomy expertise, strong sustainable sourcing and technological know-how, we are able to supply conventional, organic and Fair Trade solutions. Our ingredients deliver good organoleptic and functional properties enabling innovative formulations supported by immunity health claims. Our full range of acerola includes powders, juice concentrates from 17% to 34% natural vitamin C standardisation for your dietary supplements and food product formulations.

Growing Acerola in North East Brazil

Acerola is a fruit that requires hot weather and a lot of light. This is in the state of Ceará where Diana Food selected the best place to grow Acerola.  

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