Rooting for quality sourcing: agronomic expertise and backward integration

Diana Food sources the best raw materials thanks to a special attention given to agronomy sustainable practices and research for the best prime ingredients that nature can provide. Discover our vegetables' journey and backward integration strategy with Sébastien Langlais, Science Platform Leader, Taste, Quentin Brouet, Category Director, Savory and Laurette Gratteau, Agronomist.

Trust, pleasure and sensory experience: a consumer-oriented revolution

The food and beverage industry is entering a new era. Consumers’ trends and expectations drive now, more than ever, the redefinition of the major players’ strategy around three core values: health, pleasure and trust through sensory experience.

Step by step: our innovation chain for unique products

Innovation is key in Diana Food’s development strategy. Discover the steps that lead to the conception of our unique and tailor-made solutions with Clémence Boutin, Application Manager R&D, Taste and Cécile Campoy, Technical Sales Support Manager.

Authenticity: a consumers’ prime value

In our digital and globalized era, authenticity has rapidly become a prime value and idealistic way of life for consumers. A reality that leads the food and beverage industry to face a major challenge when reflecting authenticity is now the new main target to reach.

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