Consumers are striving for cleaner and healthier options for their bakery without compromising taste. This is a real challenge in today’s market, for which Diana Food’s innovative fruit & vegetables ingredients provides a solution.    

A large palette of shapes for infinite opportunities


Our drying technologies: find the perfect fruit & vegetable solution

At Diana Food, we use spray dry and drum dry technology to develop all our dried fruit and vegetable ingredients. Understanding the best format for your application starts with understanding your needs — whether that be taste, visual impact, cost efficiency, or labeling. We are here to assist you in determining the perfect fruit or vegetable solution.

Excellence in sustainable sourcing

Diana Food has a unique way to sustainably source its raw materials thanks to a long-lasting intimacy with its partners, farmers and producers and also thanks to an internal network of agronomy experts. Our team of agronomists work directly with farmers worldwide to provide our customers complete transparency of the value chain.

As an example, explore the way we are growing banana in Ecuador to offer a Maximum quality!


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