Posted at 08 September 2017



Polyphenols: Inspiring Innovation at Diana Food

Population aging, pollution, unbalanced lifestyles, and environmental stress have been identified as exogenous factors in oxidative stress. The high production of free radicals damages our cells and is thus a contributory factor in chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and coronary disease. Antioxidants play a crucial role in combating excessive oxidative stress. Polyphenols are getting more and more attention as solid science confirms their health benefits and clarifies their mechanism of action on controlling low grade inflammation in the body.

Over the past 25 years, Diana Food has developed a tremendous expertise in polyphenols, combining varietal selection, agronomic practices, extraction capacity, analytical standardization and clinical studies. As part if its large portfolio of natural health actives, Diana Food offers innovative polyphenolic extracts supported by proprietary research, that address major consumer health issues:

•UROPHENOLTM: a whole fruit cranberry extract for Urinary health

•GLUCOPHENOLTM: a unique blend of strawberry and cranberry extracts supported by a gold standard study on insulin sensitivity.

•OROPHENOLTM: a comprehensive blend of Nordic berries for Oral health

•APPl’INTM: a best-selling apple extract for glucose management

As a commitment to keep pioneering the research on Polyphenols and health, Diana Food is proud to be the official sponsor of the Vitafood conference on polyphenols. Our Scientific and Innovation Director, Denis Guyonnet PhD, will be giving a talk on “The impact of gut microbiota-polyphenols interplay on human health”. Vitafood will also be the opportunity for Diana to promote the joint expertise of Diana Food and Probi for the development of ground-breaking solutions combining polyphenols and probiotics.



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