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Chicken: an eco-friendly choice

Compared to livestock, chicken is very sustainable, and even more so when it is organic and locally raised.

Sustainability week

Our ambassadors literally took the floor to tell us about progresses in terms of sustainability in their own region and site: follow-up of existing projects, organization of specific events, continuous improvement…

From culinary traditions to new trends: chicken on every plate

Chicken is ubiquitous in America and is eaten in just about every household...

Closer means better: Why sourcing and traceability are key

Ensuring total traceability on product sourcing – especially when it comes to chicken – for your final consumers is essential if you want to build a solid relationship based on trust.

Taking good care of our chickens

Ensuring animal welfare in our livestock rearing practices is crucial so we can stay aligned with consumers’ ethical concerns.

Maintaining and delivering true authentic chicken taste

Discover how Diana Food maintains the best natural and fresh taste of chicken

Boosting your recipes with our chicken-based solutions

Discover how Diana Food’s natural and fresh chicken fat, broth and powder can boost the taste of your products without compromising your health claims.

Building a sustainable ecosystem

Diana Food ’s new Banks Crossing facility supports an entire social and economic network.

How chicken is conquering the global meat market?

Chicken has led the US market for nearly two decades and is expected to extend its hold on the global market very soon. Why? Because everybody loves chicken!

Chicken: the best choice of meat for a healthy diet

Chicken has a protein to fat ratio that makes it an extremely healthful meat. To stay fit and full of energy, chicken remains the best choice for a healthy diet.

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