Posted at 04 April 2017

An extensive range of high-performance coloring foods based on Diana’s strong expertise from field to plant. It creates a clean label benefit that is immediately recognizable by consumers.

Diana Food's colors: backwards integration ensuring trust and sustainability

With more than 30 years of experience in color, Diana Food has gained a unique expertise in the growth and selection of products from nature. Our team of agronomists works closely with seed producers and farmers worldwide to provide the best raw materials and obtain high-pigment juices.

Diana Food’s sustainability program called Diana Green has a strong focus on the purchasing policy, responsible sourcing and full traceability. Diana Food’s long term ambition is to provide sustainable solutions throughout the value chain. What are coloring foods? They can be defined as food ingredients derived from fruits, vegetables or edible plants that go through minimal physical process, in which coloring substances are not selectively extracted.


Minimal transformation process

Diana Food selects the best from nature to reduce steps in the process and keep the integrity of the raw material. Organic solvents were removed from our process, and water extraction is performed instead. Our formulation experts dedicate time and energy to provide tailor-made solutions to our customers


Diana's redbeet

Our Red beet is a good example of our sustainable approach with several key best practices: direct supply from farmers, input management, valorization of co-products through the re-use red beet pulp for farming…

To increase performance, Diana Food puts a lot of effort into varietal screening to obtain several shades from raspberry to strawberry-red. Our agronomists control color strength to trigger harvest when pigment content is optimal.