Posted at 23 May 2018

Chicken is ubiquitous in America and is eaten in just about every household...



The typical American family meal
Chicken is definitely a family-friendly meal! Some 95% of surveyed consumers who are parents have purchased chicken in the past three months” says Michael Averbook, Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel. Traditional American cuisine includes a wide range of chicken-based recipes, such as Louisiana Cajun chicken gumbo, Southern fried chicken, barbecue chicken, Caesar salad with crispy chicken or a basic but always delicious roast chicken! “Everyone enjoys chicken, especially for its versatility. Among Hispanics and African Americans, 87% and 79% respectively say they eat chicken at least once a week,” says Michael Averbook. America has been nourished by waves of immigration from all around the world for centuries and its multicultural food traditions clearly reflect these influences. Whether Italian, Asian, African, Indian or Mexican, all culinary traditions include chicken-based recipes!

A natural taste booster for the food industry and a new fast food favorite
Chicken-based broths and bouillons are used in traditional cooking and are widely used by the food and beverage industry. “At Diana Food, we process chicken meat and bones to extract the taste and proteins to give our customers an extraordinary boost of taste with low content sodium content for soups, sauces, ready-to-eat and instant meals,” explains Vinifer Dutia, Savory Category Manager at Diana Food. In the fast food industry, chicken has now surpassed burger chains with regard to consumers’ intent to purchase. Of the 100 biggest restaurant chains in the US, three of the five fastest growing are chicken concepts.1 Millennials have also gone crazy for bone broths. “For a few years now, Brodo, a New York City café-style chain serving only bone broth, is leading a trend that’s spreading to the country’s biggest cities”, says Vinifer Dutia. “Praised for its health benefits, broth is now consumed anytime of the day, like coffee!”


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