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Consumers are increasingly expecting food companies to proactively demonstrate their ethical credentials. Ethical claims can have a different meaning for consumers though, while all driving for better quality products, whether it is perceived as healthier options, environmental goodwill, humane treatment of animals or even better taste.

Symrise has developed an historical expertise in sourcing the best fresh poultry raw materials to deliver tasty, ethical ingredients that will improve your brand ethical perception, positive driver of consumers trust. 

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Our organic poultry solutions

Organic food and drink brands can leverage consumers' strong belief that organic food is "cleaner" and healthier than conventional products. According to Mintel, 56% of French consumers buy organic food and drink because they think they are healthier than conventional ones1. Organic can also be associated to more respectful of the environment with 69% of Spanish consumers thinking producing food organically helps protect the environment1.

We offer poultry ingredients sourced from organic hen including cage free, free range with green outdoor access:
• Compliant with EU Organic and Canada (COR Canada) regulations
• Guaranteed organic standards on raising conditions
• Organic hen broth & hen bone broth available in liquid and dehydrated versions
• Organic hen meat powder
• Organic hen fat

Our Animal Welfare poultry solutions

Ethical treatment of animals is an increasing concern for consumers. 34% of German consumers say animal welfare is one of the most important environmental topics to them2. Besides better raising conditions can be associated with higher quality of products. According to Mintel, 66% of consumers from the Republic of Ireland who have purchased poultry products in the last month think higher-welfare chicken (eg. free-range, organic) tastes better than standard chicken2

We offer poultry ingredients sourced from Animal Welfare chicken and hen guaranteed free range: 
• Free range standards considering EU regulation criteria (Regulations (EC) No 543/2008 and 589/2008, Directive 1999/74/EC)
• Free range hen meat powder
• Free range chicken extract available in liquid and dehydrated versions
• Free range chicken fat

Animal Welfare standards are diverse and complex, but by analyzing them we can extract the fundamental principles, such as density reduction and environmental enrichment in order to promote instinctive animal behaviors. Thus, we are able to provide a clear offer to our customers while encouraging the initiatives of our suppliers.Annaig Thomas, EMEA Regulatory Affairs Manager - Meat & Seafood
Hen outdoor

Our IDF product portfolio

For your North American requests related to chicken and meat ingredients, our IDF® product portfolio is here to support you. Upholding poultry’s natural goodness, IDF® creates ingredients with integrity, bringing chicken’s foundational flavor and nutrition to our partners’ food, beverage, and supplement applications


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1 Mintel, "Organic food & drink in post-COVID19 Europe", 2020
2 Mintel, "A year of innovation in meat & poultry", 2020