All over the world, the use of natural colors in the food and beverage market is trending in a big way. Consumer demand for transparency, naturalness and trustworthiness are all on the rise. Diana Food offers food and beverage companies an authentic experience to address these trends through the company’s broad palette of natural colors.

Using natural juices to add color to foods and beverages represents a cleaner alternative to typical synthetic food colorings. Born in Europe years ago, the use of natural juices to provide color is becoming increasingly important in other regions of the world. Plus, the use of natural color fits with consumers’ demand for shorter labels that feature simple, yet familiar ingredients. 

Natural colors from Diana Food are the answer when you are challenged to find a beautiful, cost-effective color solution.


Discover CleanColor™

CleanColor™ is an extensive range of colorings that provides vibrant, clean label colors.

Choosing CleanColor™ means benefiting from: 
Full traceability from field to fork
Made only from vegetables, fruits and edible plants 
Manufactured in a gentle physical process that uses water as its only solvent
Cost effective performance thanks to high pigment contents
Vibrant and stable colors for a large variety of applications  
 Simple, natural and authentic for clean labelling 
Wide range of available certifications including Kosher, Halal, BBF grade, Organic, and Vegan
Consistent supply, all year long

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Organic options for today’s discerning consumers

Offering products that are natural is a key differentiator in the eyes of consumers, but offering organic colors take it a step further.  Our legacy of leadership in agronomy and our processing skills have made it possible for us to create a palette of vibrant organic colors for the US and EU markets that consumers will crave.

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Deep dive into our color palette

exploding red beets into red powder More

Red shades

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Purple shades

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Orange and yellow shades