Organic Colors: Clean, natural colors that you can trust

At Diana Food we strive to ease the ongoing transition to clean labels by providing sustainable, farm fresh ingredients that our customers can trust. Our backwards integrated natural coloring solutions provide customers with full transparency from farm to finished product. Our team of agronomist work closely with seed developers and farmers to select the best of nature. The pairing of Diana Food’s agronomic and scientific expertise results in a large portfolio of coloring solutions dedicated to various application needs.

Only the best ingredients

It is said that, we eat with our eyes first. At Diana Food we know that the color of your food and beverage application is every bit as important as the taste. Our range of natural food colors, derived only from nature, offers a full spectrum of color shades to fit your application needs. Let us know your color target and we will be happy to develop a custom solution just for you.

Organic pink shades colors from beetroot


Organic Purple shades colors from purple carrots

Purple carrot

Organic orange shades colors from orange carrots

Orange carrot

Organic Yellow shades colors from yellow carrots

Yellow carrot

Organic blue shades colors from spirulina


Fresh beetroot on wooden table


Fresh purple carrots

Purple carrot

Fresh orange carrots

Orange carrot

Bunch of fresh yellow carrots

Yellow carrot

Spirulina bowl and spoon


Key benefits of our organic colors

It is widely known that the cleaner the color declaration on a label the more difficult it is to stabilize it. Our team of color specialists strive to remove the guess work for you by offering a range of color solutions with quality that starts with the seeds. Diana Food partners with customers to achieve the best final concepts. Let us worry about color stability and creating the perfect shade while you focus on the big picture and other elements of development.

Organic colorful macarons with fruits in background

Trusted quality

  • Nice color rainbow of possibilities with best shade intensity and low taste impact
  • High pigment guaranteed by maintaining the integrity of the raw materials
  • Food safety guaranteed with full traceability and ISO/FSSC certifications
Wooden crate of freshly picked red beets

Unique sourcing

  • Backward integrated solution due to close relationship with farmers
  • Robut supply chain ensuring availitbilities all year long
  • Our team of agronomists partner with seed developers and farmers to ensure the highest quality raw material
  • Thanks to our long experience, the best varieties have been identified to offer vibrant organic colors
Top view of a purple drink in jar

Clean label

  • EU and USDA certified organic colours 
  • Simple and recognizable list of ingredients
  • Natural acidification, no citric acid used
  • Non-GMO, Halal & Kosher suitable 
We are now offering a line of USDA and EU organic certified colors. Our portfolio of organic colors and customized organic blends brings vibrant, stable color to a wide variety of applications. We have a legacy of ‘natural’ that preceded coloring foods. Teresa Kilgore, Sweet & Beverages Category Manager, North America
A wooden world map in leaves

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our organic colors to help you create your recipe.


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