Between red and blue, explore the intense shades of purple 

Nature offers us a large choice of purple color sources. From berries chocolate to vivid iced teas, discover intense purple shades obtained with superior intensity and carefully selected natural ingredients, to make your product succesful!

Why choosing our purple color shades

• Long term varietal selection programs, backed by agronomy science to optimize coloring performance
• Gentle processing to preserve the color pigments
• Clean labeling enabler

Purple carrot with high pigment concentration

• Suitable for applications with high color intensity required
• Clean labeling enabler
• Competitive cost-in-use versus standard red beet
• Logistic costs savings
• Low taste impact

Purple carrot with berries shades

• Content of pigment guarantee
• Forest fruit/Grape color
• Good stability in application
• Clean Label

Organic purple carrot juice concentrate

• EU and USDA organic certified
• Content of pigment guarantee
• Security of supply year after year


• Standardized content of anthocyanins
• Fruit declaration
• Clean Labeling enabler
• Powder and liquid formats available

Tailor made

• Unique recipe for your product
• Proven stability
• Customized labeling

explosion of red beet turning into powder

Our natural and clean colors competence


For 30 years, Diana Food has been working closely with famers to select the best varieties and guarantee the highest concentration of pigments. 


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