Performance rooted in partnership

The beetroot at Diana Food is a history that goes back a long way! We use our expertise in agronomy and strong scientific know-how to select beetroot varieties that answer best our client's needs, whether it is in terms of sensorial performance or health benefits. We have been closely working with French producers for years to ensure the best quality ingredients, dedicated to the markets of clean-label colors and consumer health. It is also through a trustful partnership with our farmers that we can monitor the evolution of their crops and support them to respect sustainable farming techniques and foster biodiversity in the fields.


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To the roots of red beet

We started working with beetroot back in 1972. At the time we were already working with some parents of our current growers! We have a common history that led to a deep knowledge, not only of the people, but also of their terroirs and crops. 

We take extra care in selecting the best varieties of red beet and each year we screen all existing varieties and those newly arrived on the market to discover the ones with the strongest coloring properties. This varietal screening covers several terroirs to see how each variety reacts in diverse pedoclimatic conditions and in the specific fields of our growers. We accompany them, all along.

Developing better cultivation method

In order to safeguard the long-term future of beetroot stream, we provide support and advise farmers throughout the process. As proof of practices, we have been establishing working groups for those who were facing agriculture difficulties that could have jeopardized their ability to continue growing this crop. We also continually provide trainings to improve storage management and work to raise awareness amongst our growers, for all actions that have to do with land fertilization.

Alongside this, our team uses a dedicated booklet, providing advice and actions to be implemented in different stages, aiming to foster biodiversity in the fields. We support communication between growers and agronomists in order to establish alternative and responsible growing practices. It is work in progress!

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