Actipal™ products

A cutting-edge generation of Functional Hydrolysates specifically designed to improve animal health and boost feed performances.
Our ingredients present a high concentration of low molecular weight compounds such as specific peptides, free amino-acids and nucleotides generated by our hydrolysis bioprocess drive performances.


Nutripal™ products

Our Specialties ingredients consist in highly standardized Solubles, Meals and Oils essentially used for their high nutritional values in the feed diet.

Diana Food provides consumers well-being solutions to the food and beverage industry.

Today, well-being has become a key issue in every consumer’s life all over the world. We all want to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, to live long and happy lives. That is why we, at Diana Food, are fully committed to support each other in this common quest of wellness by offering innovative natural-based solutions to actors in the food and beverage industries, providing Health, Pleasure and Trust to the final consumers.

Our vision


Consumers are striving for healthy and nutritious food. We are committed to support a natural and balanced diet through carefully selected raw materials with specific nutritional and healthy profiles. Our Research & Development team work closely with a worldwide network of scientists, to set-up gold-standard scientific studies that objectively demonstrate the consumer benefits of our ingredients.


Pleasure is at the center of any development at Diana Food as being essential in consumers sensorial perception of food and beverages everywhere. We developed a unique expertise to naturally boost the organoleptic performance of products whether it is providing visual impact, colorful and flavorful emotions or unique mouthfeel.


We are committed to select, preserve and guarantee the best of nature. Thanks to an integrated team of agronomists, we ensure the full traceability of our raw materials, and apply In close collaboration with our farmers and suppliers high standards sustainable farming methods. Quality, food safety and transparency are part of our engagements all along our innovation and production process, from farm to fork.

Our commitments

Committed to share value with it’s stakeholders, we have positioned Sustainability at the core of its strategy, fostering Responsible innovation, striving for responsible sourcing while controlling its environmental footprint.

Inspiring stories



It all starts in Ecuador, the largest exporting country of bananas in the world...