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Because we, at Diana Food, care about parents’ needs for the most natural and healthy food for their little loved ones, we provide to baby food manufacturers our highest quality solutions from a complete natural and clean label range of fruit, vegetable, meat and fish products. Our natural ingredient-based solutions bring innovative solutions to infant cereals, growing up milk, baby and toddler snacks, savory meals and desserts products. 

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Infant cereals

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Growing up milk applications

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Baby & toddlers snacks

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Savory meals and desserts

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Our baby food competence

Diana Food has been fully devoted to provide safe and nutritional solutions to the baby food industry for more than 30 years. Our products are made from natural raw material sources (fruits, vegetables, honey, meat and fish from different technologies providing taste, nutrition, color and texture functionalities to baby food end products.

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Our natural ingredients

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Organic range



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Fruit ingredients



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Vegetable ingredients



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Meat ingredients