Progressively adopting adult-like diet

A key step in a child’s nutritional development is the introduction of complementary feeding, which often begins with the introduction of soft and pureed fruits. Taste, mouthfeel and visual cues become more and more important in babies' diet. As they grow, they observe what’s happening around them and are instilled with the desire to eat the same things as their parents.

The diana food™ portfolio is an outstanding collection of solutions for complementary feeding, starting with our banana purée. It’s a best seller for baby desserts and snacks. Like all our ingredients for baby foods, they are produced under the strictest food safety conditions and have the added benefit of ingredient provenance, with full traceability and sustainability.

Our solutions for savory meals & desserts

Banana purée

Banana is the most popular fruit used in baby food applications, especially in baby desserts and compotes.
• Natural, sweet taste from fresh ripe banana
• Creamy yellow color with odor and flavor typical from ripe banana
• Clean label, 100% dry matter or acidified formats (ascorbic acid, citric acid or lemon juice)
• Seedless or with seeds
• Available in organic, conventional and baby food grades

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Fruit and vegetable flakes, powders & concentrates

Bring taste, color and viscosity to your wet applications through:
• A unique palette of dried ingredients from more than 30 species of fruits and vegetables: convenient ambient storage and gain of space, limiting syneresis, giving smoothy mouthfeel to wet applications
• Specific blends developed to strengthen babies' culinary experience, boosting taste in baby savory meals while avoiding salt addition
• A vegetable juice concentrates portfolio, naturally coloring your baby dessert formulations

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Meat and fish solutions

Develop innovative savory meal and dessert recipes:
• Boost taste with meat and fish powders, broths and pieces
• Strengthen protein content


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Culinary delights for little ones

Looking for safe and delicious options for babies and children? Discover how our expertise in both Baby Food and Culinary offers endless possibilities for crafting savory meals that appeal to young taste buds, ensuring complete safety.

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Our technical team includes baby food engineers, regulatory and quality experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.



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