An origin of exception for maximum quality

It all starts in Ecuador, the largest exporting country of bananas in the world. Known for its excellent soil quality and tropical climate, Ecuador is ideal for growing bananas requiring far less pesticides and fertilizers compared to other producers in the world.

The region of El Oro, is a prime location not only for conventional bananas but also organic ones. It’s in this region, in Pasaje, that we founded our production site in 1975. It has since become one of the world’s largest suppliers of banana powder, flakes, and puree. These products are found around the world in baby food, sweet and beverage markets.


El Oro, #1 exporting region of organic bananas


Organic certified for EU, US and China

2 weeks

our agronomists visit plantations every 2 weeks


less than 60km between plantations and factory


of banana peels are composted into organic fertilizers

Working closely with small farmers for a full traceability and high quality bananas

The plantations are located close to our plants. Organic and conventional bananas are cultivated by our partnered farmers with the support of our agronomists, who advise them on topics like planting, fertilizing, and pest control. Together, they work to continuously develop the best agricultural practices with a strict control of contaminants while ensuring the full traceability of the fruits. 

Gary Mendieta runs three small farms in the mountains. Up to 1,500 plants grow on each of the eight hectares. With his team they cut off the plants’ large excess leaves, keep the ground cleared, protect the seed heads of the three- or four-meter-high plants with plastic bags that let in light and air but keep out insects and birds. Each plant location has two to three harvests a year.

We are more than bananas, success starts with people

At Symrise, we do so much more than creating high-quality products. And here in Ecuador, family is everything. So we treat our employees and neighbors like family. They receive regular check-ups and medical care, free meals and transportation. We care about them, protect them with continuous occupational safety training programs and developed specific initiatives to further support the most vulnerable ones like deaf and disabled workers. Our involvement benefits the entire local community in Pasaje. We have been building relationships with various groups and associations from education, to social and health care.

A top quality from our farms to your R&D lab

After the harvest, the fruit is washed and sorted. The pieces that do not meet the standards for shape and size, or those with spots, are set aside. Once on site, bananas are put into airtight storage, where they continue to ripen until they have just the right amount of sweetness.

Each banana processed here in Pasaje passes through the hands of our employees. Bananas are mashed into a fine paste. This paste is filtered once more and heated until it becomes a puree, which isthen dehydrated and treated at high heat in roller-dryers.

We guarantee the highest quality of our products to offer our customers always the same product performance at every batch, with a strict control of contaminants, foreign bodies and regulatory compliance.

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