Offering multi-sensory experiences in chocolates

When it comes to chocolates, we are all like little children, indulging for our very own “Madeleine de Proust” experience. The sensations associated with chocolate can be deep, varied and emotional.

Chocolates offer a world of creative opportunities for confectioners, incorporating visually impressive shapes, enticing pieces of fruits and nuts, and contrasting textures. Many of today’s consumers also want to add some functionality to their chocolate without compromising on indulgence. For example, consider a matrix of chocolate that offers both pleasure and 'better for you' performance featuring superfruits. The diana food™ portfolio provides an extensive palette of solutions to boost your chocolate recipes with energy, tasty fruits and inclusions for soft and crunchy sensations. 

Our solutions for chocolate confectionary

Inspiring recipes for your applications

Strawberry powders and inclusions

Play with our strawberry range to create infinite chocolate confectionary creations.

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Peppermint chocolates

Chocolate lovers are looking for enjoyment, sensorial delights and surprise combined with reassurance from a whole natural recipe!

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Banana crunch

Pimp your chocolate snacks with healthy, tasty and clean label topings! And easy way to convey good foood perception and trust to your consumers. 

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How we can help you with your chocolate confectionary

Flakes and powders ingredients

Natural powders and flakes for chocolate confections
• Bring visual appeal and labeling benefits to your recipes while and adding fruit content
• Position your product as premium: our range of solutions offer clear and trusty labeling as well as natural color and taste
• We guarantee 100% food safe products in conventional or organic forms


Experience our indulgent crunchies and crunch'flakes.
• Can be used in chocolate tablets or as a topping
• They offer a contrasting visual to red and orange fruits
• Adds a sensory emotion of crunchiness or crispiness depending on our solutions

Health solutions

Interested in developing healthy treats?
• Try our solutions in Acerola to add a vitamin C claim
• Incorporate our berries for marketing the perception of health

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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