Natural authenticity, from field to fork

Growing high quality vegetables that deliver premium taste and nutrition in everything from baby food to culinary requires two things: superior terroir, and people with the expertise to maximize the benefits the land has to offer.  That’s where our vegetable story begins.

We possess a unique expertise in agronomy that enables us to deliver performance and sustainability in key vegetable segments. Using varietal screening (non-GMO), we can maximize growing conditions for success. We have long-lasting, close partnerships with farmers that allow for full traceability, transparency and sustainability. We understand the concepts of maturity control and are experts at harvesting at the time of peak performance. Once harvested, these vegetables are transformed into our product portfolio using gentle, kitchen-like processing techniques. For example, our onion products are sweated, blanched, pan fried, and roasted to work in a variety of applications and savory dishes. We deliver simplicity and authenticity.

Local sourcing, global expertise

Freshness is the key to producing vegetable ingredients that are both nutritious and great tasting, and local sourcing is what makes it possible. For all our vegetable products, the main criteria is the ability to bring raw materials into the factory right at peak freshness. This requires a strategic proximity of farm to factory.

Our corn provides a perfect example of how we realize this objective. With an established base of growers located 15 to 25 km from our processing plant, we are able to pick, deliver and process the crop in a timely manner. This allows the vegetable to journey from the field to the plant at maximum freshness, which is the ideal condition for processing. The result: superior, high-quality sweet corn products for almost any application.

Soil & people, the secret sauce

When it comes to onion, it’s the soil and the people that matter most. For Symrise, that means partnering with the best onion farmers around the world, regardless of whether they are found in Europe, South America, or somewhere in between.

Our agronomists have the experience and expertise required to master onion varietal selection. Each year, they set up contracts for upwards of six varieties of yellow onion. They know which farm plots are best for sweeter onions and which will generate more bitter onions. They understand how a variety will behave differently according to the terroir in which it is planted. And once the onion growing season has begun, they maintain a presence at the field to monitor production. 

Quality excellence all along the value chain

Regardless of their application, our clients rely on us to deliver quality. This is true for conventional products, organic products, and baby food products. One of the ways we ensure quality is by being completely transparent with our customers about processes, sources, and data. It’s made possible by our use of high performance IT tools throughout our processes. Quality controls are in place across the value chain, from raw materials to finished goods, and all our manufacturing plants are FSSC 22000 certified.

Baby food represents the highest level of food quality. Our quality standards for this market are even more demanding, starting with the selection of our growing partners. We have agronomists who specialize in growing baby food ingredients. Fields where these are grown are heavily monitored, and growing partners are made aware of the fact that they are supporting a very sensitive market.

It all starts with natural raw materials. We have more than fifty vegetable streams, all offering the same values: World class sourcing. Quality. Freshness. Seasonality. Taste. Gentle Processing. Whether your target market is baby food, culinary, vegan, plant-based or traditional, look to the experts at Symrise to provide the best vegetable solutions.

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