Healthy & tasty snacks

When it comes to snacking, consumers are strongly driven by key expectations. Sometimes, it’s a search for that moment of hard-earned indulgence. Other times, it’s a desire for comfort, pleasure, or outright enjoyment. And for many, the pleasure of snacking can be achieved by satisfying the desire to not only snack, but to snack healthily.

Whatever the snacking occasion, the experts at Symrise can help you design or transform your snack through our wide range of natural ingredients. Our portfolio can provide you with various sensorial functionalities such as taste, visual appeal and nutritional benefits, while delivering on consumer demand for traceability and sustainability.

Our solutions for savory snacks and seasonings

Inspiring recipes for your applications

Organic chicken biscuit

A rising number of consumers are seeking out organic chicken products for the non-use of antibiotics as well as animal welfare reasons. Our organic liquid chicken broth and our organic chicken meat powder will bring authentic & rounded chicken taste as well as mouthfeel.

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Veggie waffle & spinach artichoke dip

Consumers believe that plant-centric diets can help them be more healthy, environmentally-friendly and mindful of animal welfare.

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Leek and cheese 'canneles'

Great taste, trust and fun. More than ever, consumers want to eat food that tastes good, discovering new or unusual ingredients or taste profiles yet natural & clean.

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Organic onion and orange carrot colour sablé

Over 50% of European consumers believe that organic food is healthier. With organic, consumers are also after products that are traceable, and better for the environment. Our organic vegetables will bring authentic culinary taste like what you would cook at home (onion, garlic, celeriac, leek, pumpkin, mushroom).

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How we can help you with your savory snacks & seasoning applications

Taste blocks

Our natural ingredients-based solutions offer many opportunities to boost taste, deliver authentic and aromatic profiles and create innovative taste combinations in your recipes.
• Taste boosters:
- Umami ( mushroom, chicken broth)
- Sweet (sweet potato, pumpkin, mango, date, fig)
- Sourness (vinegar powders)

• Aromatic profiles:
- Freshness & green notes (spring onion, leek, carrot)
- Chicken and beef meat profiles

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Toolbox for Front-of-Pack labeling

Our toolbox of labeling solutions offers many opportunities to enrich your front-of-pack labeling:
• All natural
• Free from flavoring
• Organic
• Origin & provenance
•  Nutrition:
- contains proteins, fibers (chicken, chickpea products)
- contains vitamins: C (acerola), A (carrot)
- fruits & vegetables equivalence

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Looking to add some flavors?

Working with us gives you access to the full expertise and competencies of the Symrise Group, a global leader in flavor and taste solutions. From consumer insights to regulatory, we work in synergy to support your brands.

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers, sensory experts and chefs. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your recipe.


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