Strawberry & raspberry, multisensorial experiences for top preferred flavors

Strawberry & raspberry are some of the most preferred fruit all over the world by all ages of consumers.

Symrise sources strawberries in Chile, Morocco, Poland and Spain to offer its customers a wide range of natural strawberry powders, flakes and pieces suitable for baby food, cereal bars, chocolate confectionary and powdered soft drinks applications. Our range provides different taste typicity from closed to the raw strawberry to a more jammy taste of strawberry and brings different shades of colors. For the raspberry, a very delicate fruit easily recognizable with its floral notes and well-balanced acidity, the diana food™ portfolio offers a wide range of formats and formulations suitable for all sweet and beverage applications.

A secured strawberry sourcing all year long

Our strawberry sourcing from Europe & Latin America allows two harvests per year thus ensuring supply flexibility for our customers.

Farmer harvesting fresh strawberry in Chile

Symrise - The Iconic Strawberry: A Global Favorite, From Soil to Spoon

Chilean sourcing

  • Intense dark red color
  • High sweetness with medium acidity
  • Local sourcing for fresh raw materials less than 150km from our plant
  • Full traceability from field to the fork
  • Pesticide controlled (incl. Baby Food grade)
  • Proximity & control with our agronomy experts
  • Stable & long term relationship with farmers

Mediterranean sourcing

  • Intense pink-red color
  • Medium sweetness with high acidity
  • Full traceability from field to the fork
  • Pesticide controlled (incl. Baby Food grade)
  • Proximity & control with our agronomy experts
  • Stable & long term relationship with farmers

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Play with our range to create multi-sensorial experiences

Taste profiles

We work with different sourcing locations, strawberry varieties, different drying technologies, and different formulations to create a wide range of taste profiles from fresh to jammy notes.

Color spectrum

Our sourcing, varieties and formulations are contributing to various colors from light pink to intense red.

Particule size

We have a large spectrum of particle size available, thanks to our different drying processes. Depending on your application and the result you want to obtain, our sales team will guide you to the best size possible.

Raspberry, the indulgence muse

We offer a wide range of raspberry solutions, suitable for all sweet and beverage applications:
• Sourcing from Europe & LATAM allowing 2 harvests per year & supply flexibility
• Local sourcing close to our sites in France & Chile
• Agronomy expertise allowing pesticide control
• Organic and baby food grade available
• Formulation with whole fruit and clarified juice available for wide range of visual impact
• Different carriers and fruit content for various taste and visual impact
• High solubility available
• 100% dry matter available
• Various sizes available for different options of crunchiness and visual impact:
- Crunch’Flakes for light crunchiness
- Crunchies for high crunchiness

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