Natural beef taste solutions you can trust

Diana Food develops clean label taste solutions from carefully sourced beef such as beef bone broth, extracts, powders & pieces.

Why choosing our beef ingredients

• EU sourcing available
• Clean label, natural materials
• Specific certifications available on request: organic, animal welfare, halal, local provenance
• 100% real beef materials
• Minimally processed

Beef bone broth & extract

• Real beef protein
• Culinary profiles: from bony to meaty, roasted, juicy
• Enhanced taste perception: umami, mouthfeel/body, richness, long-lasting
• High protein cotent, up to 90% expressed on dry matter
• Food ingredient declaration
• Liquid and powder formats available
• Halal certifications available on request
• Suitable for natural chicken flavor declaration
• Easy to use: ambiant stable, heat stable, pumpable, ambient storage

Beef meat powder

• Beef ingredient declaration
• Customized formulations (fat content, salt %, antioxidant, vegetables)
• Real beef protein: up to 70% of protein on dry matter
• Synergic effect when combined with beef broth
• Halal certifications available on request

Beef meat pieces

• Real meat pieces preserving  flavor, nutrient content, colour & texture
• Authentic beef taste
• Texture: meat fibers
• Instant rehydration (3 minutes rehydrated)
• When hydrated: consistent, moist and soft texture, keeps its shape
• Up to 70% of protein on dry matter
• Convenient: shelf life > 12 months, ambient storage

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Looking to add some flavors?

Working with Diana Food also gives you access to the full expertise and competencies of the Symrise Group, a global leader in flavor and taste solutions. From consumer insights to regulatory, we work in synergy to support your brands.


Symrise Flavor 

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