Juice innovation gets a health & wellness makeover

As consumers move more and more towards natural beverages, they are increasing their preference for juices. The challenge for formulators is to develop juice products that are less processed and feature natural ingredients. To further complicate the problem, sugar content continues to be under heavy scrutiny all across the globe.

Diana Food can help. We understand these challenges and have the expertise to support juice manufacturers by offering clean-label product development solutions. We help our customers innovate consumer-preferred products through our portfolio of fruit and vegetable juices, health and nutrition solutions, and natural products for coloring foods.

Our solutions for juices

Inspiring recipes for your applications

Carrot halwa lassi

Global flavors continue to pique the interest of consumers as they look for ways to explore different cultures. A lassi, native to India, is a blend of yogurt, water and spices.


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Go Wild, Fruit & Hibiscus drink mix

Consumers believe that plant-centric diets can help them be more healthy, environmentally-friendly and mindful of animal welfare.


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Hibiscus limeade with CerebelleTM

Over 50% of European consumers believe that organic food is healthier. With organic, consumers are also after products that are traceable, and better for the environment. Our organic vegetables will bring authentic culinary taste like what you would cook at home (onion, garlic, celeriac, leek, pumpkin, mushroom).

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How we can help you with your juices

Natural & clean colors

Our range of coloring foods provides our customers with the cleanest color labeling possible. Meeting your shade requirements is only half the battle in becoming your color supplier of choice when it comes to colors harvested from mother nature.
• Includes red and purple shades from beet root and anthocyanin-based vegetables such as purple carrot, red cabbage and red radish
• Orange and yellow shades made possible by our backwards integration with farmers of orange and yellow carrots
• Our agronomists work closely with seed developers and farmers to select the best of nature by working together on plant genetics, soil science, sourcing control, varietal screening and product processing
• The pairing of Diana Food's agronomic and scientific expertise results in a large portfolio of coloring solutions dedicated to various application needs

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What better way to give your juices a healthy boost then by adding in some veggies?
• Recent trends show that consumers are looking to complement fruit juices with vegetables such as beet root, purple carrot or the ever-popular green veggies
• The sweetness of the fruit and the earthy taste of the vegetables provides consumers with guiltless beverages of exceptional taste

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Health solutions

Looking to boost your juice drink by making it functional?
• Our range of health and wellness products can help you meet personal nutrition needs like vitamin C content or nitrate intake for sports nutrition

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Let's develop your next application together

Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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