Healthier options with no compromise on taste

Diana Food offers a wide range of culinary taste solutions made from carefully selected sustainable raw materials. They deliver tailor-made intense and authentic taste to your culinary applications such as ready meals, soups, broths, sauces, spreads and dressings. 

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Ready meals

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Soups & broths

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Sauces, spreads & dressings

Our related core competencies

Culinary taste

Diana food offers authentic solutions to intensify the fundamental aromatics of applications. We provide a wide palette of taste from garden-cut, green, fresh and fruit tastes to sophisticated and meaty savory ingredients.
Thanks to kitchen-like, time-consuming cooking steps, we extract the natural flavors to deliver authentic taste solutions that will enrich your recipes. 

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Natural and clean colors

Reaching the highest concentration of pigment begins with selecting the best varieties of raw materials. Diana Food team of agronomists started 30 years ago to work in proximity with qualified farmers to select and develop species of fruits and vegetables that are rich in pigments. Our process enables the highest pigment concentration for a maximized cost-in-use, while also allowing us to develop different color shades depending on growing conditions.

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Our natural ingredients

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Chicken & meat ingredients

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Vegetable ingredients

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Wine & vinegars ingredients

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Color ingredients