The best of nature to enhance beauty from within

The beauty from within is becoming a major trend in our society where consumers are looking for a holisitic approach for their Health & Beauty.
This growing consumer appeal for nutricosmetics is reflected in the supplement market innovation activity.

In response to this demand, Symrise has developed a diana food™ range of Beauty from within bioactives to support inside-out beauty benefits for skin, hair and nails. The selection of science-backed bioactives, carefully selected from nature, will help you position your food, beverages and dietary supplements on the beauty from within market. 

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Dive into the human body to understand the science behind our unique sustainable 3-in-1 hydrolyzed solution from chicken, supporting skin beauty from within.


Why choose our beauty from within solutions

• Complete portfolio of ingestible beauty solutions, offering multiple benefits for the skin, hair and nails
• Combines a unique range of collagen, vitamins and phytoactive sources for the development of innovative nutricosmetic applications
• Answers key consumer beauty concerns: skin condition & anti-aging, skin brightening, and hair & nails care


As a natural source of vitamin C, Acerola is a key ingredient to consider when developing products targeting energy and beauty from vitamin C benefits which contribute to:
• Protecting from oxidative stress
• Increasing iron absorption
• Normal function of the nervous system
• Normal collagen formation and normal function of bones, teeth, cartilage, gums, skin and blood vessels

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Chicken source of high collagen content solution supporting beauty from within:
• Suggested beauty claims: Skin elasticity / beauty, reduction of wrinkles and strong nails
• Collagen (mainly type I) ≥ 55 %
• Recommended dosage: 4.5g/day
• Designed for Beauty from within concepts (capsules, hot drinks, shots…)
• Halal certification available

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Famous for its gustatory and nutritional qualities, the carrot is also a precious ally for the skin. Its oil, rich in beta-carotene and vitamins, protects the epidermis and promotes its radiance. Our carrot powder standardized in vitamin A allows the following EFSA claim: "Vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal skin".


Fruit antioxidants protect skin cells from oxidative stress and support skin aging prevention.
The Beauty from within portfolio offers a wide range of polyphenols from acai, apple, aronia, bilberry blackcurrant, cranberry, strawberry and wild blueberry.

Our acerola story

Acerola, the highest natural source of vitamin C. Curious to know our story behind this little cherry? Where does acerola come from? How is it grown and processed?

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