The future is organic

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers strive for food and drink helping to protect their health and they strongly believe that organic food is healthier and "cleaner" than conventional products. While in some countries, the demand for organic products has been on the rise since years, there is still room for growth in untapped markets such as China.

At Diana Food, we started to develop our organic portfolio to support the strong demand for organic variants of our babyfood customers. Now it's more than 40 species of natural ingredients that Diana Food offers in organic quality to serve not only babyfood but savoury, sweet, beverages and consumer health applications.

Why choosing our organic ingredients

• Strictly selected raw materials thanks to our team of agronomists working closely with farmers worldwide
• Complete transparency of the value chain
• Country specific organic certifications: USDA (NOP), EU, Canadian (COR) and more recently CNCA (Chinese organic)
• More than 30 species developed as organic: fruits, vegetables, poultry, colors and active ingredients
• Available in different formats: concentrates, purée, powders, flakes and inclusions
• Naturally bring taste, nutrition and color

Organic baby food portfolio

• Backward integrated solutions thanks to close relationships with farmers offering a full traceability
• More than 15 different species available in organic baby food quality
• Most popular baby flavors of which our best seller banana!
• Meeting both organic AND baby food quality standards
• For wet and dry applications
• Also available in Chinese organic grade

Organic China fruit and vegetables 

• Recently developed certification to support Chinese consumers increasing demand for organic food
• Specific certification to meet country standard: China National Organic Certification Program (CNCA)
• Each field / orchard audited by Chinese certifying body, a guarantee for full traceability
• Available in flakes, powders & banana puree
• 5 CNCA certified fruits: acerola, banana, apple, strawberry and raspberry
• 3 CNCA certified vegetable: carrot, tomato and spinach
• End application targeted: Baby food, sweet and savory applications

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Organic coloring food

• Backward integrated solutions thanks to close relationships with farmers offering a full traceability
• High pigment guaranteed by maintaining the integrity of the raw materials
• Maximized consumers acceptance: simple and clean label list of ingredients; no citric acid used
• Vibrant shades with low taste impact to cover different colour needs
• Natural red, orange, yellow and blue shades

Organic savory offer

• Backward integrated solutions thanks to close relationships with farmers offering a full traceability
• Kitchen like organic vegetable concentrates, flakes and powder: onion, garlic, leek, celery, celeriac, mushroom, carrot
• Organic fully traceable poultry ingredients (poultry broth, fat, meat powder)

Active ingredients

• Natural vitamin C from organic acerola
• Newly developed Fair Trade organic acerola powder
• Polyphenols from organic blackcurrant, purple carrot and wild bilberry
• High PACs content cranberry powder

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