Carrot choice galore: color shades, taste, nutrients & formats

Carrots offer multiple benefits from taste, color and health. At Diana Food, we have been exploring the different varieties of yellow, orange and purple carrots thanks to a solid agronomy expertise from seeding to harvesting. Combined with science and technological expertise, we developed specific ranges of ingredients with maximized color pigment content and precise taste profiles.

Why choosing our carrot ingredients

• Variety of formats: liquid concentrates, powders, flakes and crunchies
• Garanteed traceability from farm to fork
•  Agronomy expertise allowing to select the best varieties according to taste profiles and nutrients contents such as carotenoids
• Gently processed raw material delivering delicate notes: raw / blanched and sweet taste
•  Clean labeling options such as "juice concentrate"
• Organic grade available

A palette of natural color opportunities

Orange carrot

• Naturally rich in Carotenoids
• Bright Orange Color in application
• Good heat stability
• Clean Label
• JUICE labeling available
• Low Taste Profile
• Organic grades available

Purple carrot

• Naturally Rich in Anthocyanins
• Large variety of shades from red to purple-violet
• Good heat and light stability
• Proprietary seeds providing superior color intensity
• Low taste profile
• Organic grades available
• Clean Label
• JUICE labeling available

Yellow carrot

• Naturally rich in lutein
• Bright yellow color
• Organic grade available
• Clean label
• Low taste profile

A wide range of carrot taste profiles

• Wide range of taste solutions from yellow and orange carrots
• Gently cooked products delivering delicate notes: raw blanched and poached to culinary accent
• Carrot  "juice concentrate "labeling for liquid format
• Powder format available
• Organic grade available
• References designed for savoury dishes or beverages
• Easy to use: long shelf-life (2 years)

Visual pieces

• Different types of formats: flakes, powders and crunchies
• Variety of sizes available
• Organic and baby food grades available

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