Carrot choice galore: color shades, taste, nutrients & formats

Carrots offer multiple benefits from taste, color and health. At Symrise, we have been exploring the different varieties of yellow, orange and purple carrots thanks to a solid agronomy expertise from seeding to harvesting. Combined with science and technological expertise, we developed specific ranges of ingredients with precise taste profiles.

Why choose our carrot ingredients

• Variety of formats: liquid concentrates, powders, flakes and crunchies
• Garanteed traceability from farm to fork
•  Agronomy expertise allowing to select the best varieties according to taste profiles and nutrients contents such as carotenoids
• Gently processed raw material delivering delicate notes: raw / blanched and sweet taste
•  Clean labeling options such as "juice concentrate"
• Organic grade available

A wide range of carrot taste profiles

• Wide range of taste solutions from yellow and orange carrots
• Gently cooked products delivering delicate notes: raw blanched and poached to culinary accent
• Carrot  "juice concentrate "labeling for liquid format
• Powder format available
• Organic grade available
• References designed for savoury dishes or beverages
• Easy to use: long shelf-life (2 years)

Visual pieces

• Different types of formats: flakes, powders and crunchies
• Variety of sizes available
• Organic and baby food grades available

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