Climate change: Staying ahead of the curve

Climate change isn’t only about politics. It’s also about the endangered food supply, a food supply already affected worldwide by fires, floods, heat waves and water shortages. In this changing and volatile world, working with a reliable partner is key to guaranteeing a secure and sustainable supply. 

For us, developing resilient supply chains is a must. While sourcing and sustainability have always been key components of our approach, today’s circumstances require to anticipate potential challenges and solve them before they become impediments to our clients’ successes. At Symrise, we are your trusted partner for a secure and sustainable sourcing of natural ingredients.

Anticipating challenges

Our experts are engaging the in-depth work required to ensure a secure and sustainable supply of raw materials.

Risk management stands at the heart of our strategy: Not only identifying the short-term customers’ needs, but also carrying in-depth and extensive long-term risk analysis.

Defining strategic directions

Symrise's unique expertise in agronomy goes far beyond growing the best raw materials year after year. Our in-house agronomy team works hand-in-hand with all other teams, from R&D to Quality, to define the key directions to secure the business.

This includes identifying the best sourcing regions, collaborating closely with our partner farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture, leveraging new agricultural techniques, as well as reducing water use and carbon footprint.

Your trusted partner, today and tomorrow

And, of course, overall we provide full traceability, transparency and sustainability for natural ingredients you can trust. Through our responsible sourcing that includes constant detailed monitoring and minimalizing the environmental footprint, we’re able to get ahead of the curve on potential and expected climate change disruptions.

Our experts ensure that our ingredients are unquestionably the best customers can buy, and from a supply they can rely on not only today, but for years to come.


Our sourcing expertise


Our sustainability approach