Delivering culinary taste solutions from kitchen-like ingredients

Consumers look for the benefits of natural, home-cooked foods in their culinary shopping. The diana food™ portfolio offers a broad, unique collection of tasty solutions based on natural and high quality raw materials including vegetables, meats and seafood, wines and vinegars.

From fresh, green, garden-cut vegetable and fruit tastes to sophisticated and meaty savory ingredients, we provide authentic solutions to intensify the fundamental aromatics of your application. Using kitchen-like, time-consuming cooking steps, we capture the natural flavors and deliver the ideal, authentic taste solutions that will boost your recipes and enhance their appeal to consumers.

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On trend

► Authentic profiles that deliver the taste of home

► High intensity taste profile from real food

► Pantry friendly with clean label declaration

► All natural, non GMO and organic

Chef adding herbs to his gourmet dish


Complete, full palette of products for countless creations

Chef-inspired solutions offering exceptional application performance

Blending capabilities across multiple product streams, generating truly unique and customized taste solutions

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► Cost saving: capturing the aroma of time-consuming cooking steps without needing the lengthy effort in your processing methods

► Effective solutions that are easy to use, handle and store

► Consistency & delivery guaranteed year-round

Today, authenticity is the Holy Grail in the food industry. It comes from a deep demand from consumers for true and intense tastes, made from simple and natural ingredients.Jean-Christophe Chevalier, Global Product Line and Category Director

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A toolbox of opportunities

Capturing the essence of vegetables

• Imparts fresh, garden-picked notes to your recipes
• Authentic vegetable tastes that are easily recognizable to consumers
• High taste intensity
• Clean label alternative to flavor

Gentle & moist cooking methods

• Foundations and accents to build taste and authenticity in savory applications
• Delicately cooked vegetable notes for each species (poached, blanched, boiled)
• Minimally processed, very similar to traditional home cooking methods

Delivering intensity & authenticity for culinary performance

• Intense notes offering better taste experiences with proven application performance
• Wide collection of true taste solutions from various natural sources
• Delivering the authentic flavor of time-consuming cooking processes
• Unique taste solutions that allow you to add a custom signature to culinary recipes
• Available notes: sweated, sauteed, pan-fried, roasted, candied, meaty, grilled, and reduced

Bringing a chef’s touch to consumer packaged foods

• Offering complex taste profiles that feature tailor-made uniqueness
• Ability to replicate kitchen processes on an industrial scale
• Bold and complex flavors created by careful, time consuming cooking steps
• From basic to homemade touches, we apply culinary artistry to everyday food

For an aromatic burst of flavor

• Fruity, reduced and acidic wine notes offer a wide palette of authentic taste profiles
• High intensity wine concentrates and powders enhance the taste of many savory applications
• Rich, aromatic and acidic vinegars sourced from a variety of raw materials add moderate tartness
• Transform your favorite recipes by imparting true taste while eliminating the need for lengthy cooking steps

Inspiring culinary creations

Today more than ever, consumers demand products that are natural, authentic and feature clean labels. In addition, they are looking for products replicating the emotional and sensorial experiences associated with home cooking. 

At Symrise, we know that culinary authenticity and excellence comes from intense, fresh, authentics tastes made from natural, simple ingredients in kitchen-like processes. 

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Our natural ingredients

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Culinary preparations

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Wine & vinegars

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