Innovation through naturalness, health, and functionality

Many beverage consumers are driven by health and wellness, and for them, high quality beverages that are naturally sourced, healthful and environmentally-friendly are much in demand. Beverages that support physical and emotional health will continue to be a catalyst for innovation, giving manufacturers the opportunity to develop new beverage concepts that feature exciting taste sensations while addressing specific consumer needs adapted to moments of consumption.

The diana food™ portfolio provides fruit and vegetable juices that can naturally enrich the nutritional content of your drinks while appealing to consumer expectations for "low sugar" products. And for functional drinks, our product portfolio also includes natural health actives that are backed by robust science and clinical data.

Our solutions for healthy & functional drinks

How we can help you with your healthy & functional drinks

Health solutions

We deliver high concentrations of actives that are naturally occurring in fruits or vegetables to support natural and healthy functional drinks concepts.
• Wide range of fruits or vegetables standardized in minerals and vitamins (Acerola rich in Vitamin C, carrots for Provitamin A)
• Extensive range of fruits and vegetables delivering high concentrations of polyphenols and other nutrients
• Allows claims according to local regulations
• Full range of ingredients for specialized nutrition supported by science and clinical studies in the fields of sport nutrition, immunity boosting, detox, cardiovascular health, and more

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Vegetable juices concentrates

Vegetable juice concentrates for beverages can address 3 types of needs:
• Sugar reduction in traditional sweet fruity beverages, where the vegetable juice will deliver a sweet, mild refreshing taste with less calories while still adding valuable nutrients
• Address the booming veggie trend, where a variety of vegetables drive innovation by their disruptive tastes (such as kale, cabbages, spinach) 
• Seek the freshness taste (earthy, green notes) to mimic the home made morning veggie juice made with fresh garden- picked vegetables that offer a clean declaration as vegetable juice concentrates

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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