Support naturally your oral health

To maintain healthy teeth and gums, Diana Food developed OroPhenol®, a standardized water soluble functional extract of polyphenols obtained from blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries.

For each of the three types of berries, Diana Food has identified polyphenolic fractions capable of interfering with the growth and biofilm formation of bacteria associated with dental plaque formation and periodontal disease, such as F. nucleatum.

Why choosing our oral health solutions

• Unique selection of nordic fruits, high in polyphenols from Canada
• Standardized extract in polyphenols >36%
• Solid scientific back up based on in vitro studies showing multiple benefits to maintain optimal oral health
• Proven efficacy for blocking pathogen colonization by inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria to gingival sites and by interfering with their capacity to form a biofilm.

How OroPhenol® works? 

Orophenol® is a multivalent extract capable of maintaining optimal oral health.

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