Cheese with a natural twist!

Cheese is a global phenomenon, with variations in taste, format, color, and presentation that vary from one country or region to another. But its use has some common grounds: while the variety of cheese itself may change, many of the applications are global, such as cheese spreads, cheese toppings for pizza, and cheese sauces.

For food manufacturers, innovation and renovation in the cheese world can be tricky. The diana food™ portfolio offers an assortment of natural ingredients that bring a special, subtle touch to the cheese experience, including fruits, vegetables and meat pieces.

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Fried onion and bacon spread cheese

Autentic taste and texture provided by natural ingredients for a comfort food snack!

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100% fruits & vegetable ingredients

Pure Range 100%: intense taste, clean label, and the freshness you’re looking for:
• A range of vegetable products that delivers the freshness of garden-picked veggies
• Varieties include carrot, leek, onion, garlic, celery, and more
• Try out our mango, it’s yummy!

Meat Pieces

Freeze-dried pieces for spreadable cheeses.
• Ideal for snacks and sandwiches
• Adds a nice visual, texture and taste,
• Very convenient: ready-to-use with no extra processing steps, ambient storage with long shelf life.
• Chicken, beef, duck, ham/bacon available in different shapes and sizes

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Our technical team includes food and beverages scientists, food engineers and sensory experts. They develop and optimize the taste and technical performance of our natural ingredients to help you create your product.


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