Onion: the secret of culinary depth 

Onion is the star-ingredient in a large variety of savoury dishes over the world. Either consumed as a wholetaste or as a base to boost culinary preparation, it is on every table.

Why choose our onion ingredients

• Wide pallet of taste profiles (from raw to roasted / fried notes)
• Gentle kitchen-like process
• High quality standards, stringent specifications and sensory attributes
• Variety of formats: juice concentrates (liquid and powder form), pastes, flakes, powder
• Sourcing mastery and agonomy expertise: diversified onion varieties selected for their taste profile supported by agronomist follow up all along the crop from seed to mature onion harvest
• Robust supply chain and sourcing: raw materials sourced in multiple continents and produced in different plants
• Transparent, traceable and sustainable sourcing
• Organic, non-GMO, kosher & halal certification available

Delicate notes

• Gently cooked products delivering from raw/green notes to blanched and poached notes
• Onion juice concentrate labeling for liquid format
• Powder format available
• Organic grade available
• Sustainable certified (Global GAP SAI Silver)

Culinary accents

• Onion cooked with cupboard ingredients (sunflower oil and sugar)
• From sweated, sauteed and candied notes to pan fried notes
• Concentrates and powder formats available
• Oil soluble format available: roasted and fried notes pastes
• High taste intensity for optimized dosage
• Food ingredient labeling
• Sustainable certified (Global Gap SAI Silver)

Culinary Preparation

• Roasted and Fried taste profiles
• Complex profile bringing richness and mouthfeel
• Powder format
• High taste intensity allowing low dosage < 0,5%
• Adapted for water or oil based applications
• Tailor made recipes on request
• Toll manufacturing on request

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